hello! i'm peach, korean genji lover ^ω^
i love 藏源 / 麦源 / all源 (genji only bottom)

mercy~~new skin nike~~give me blizard~~

how can i block someone's lofter that i dont want to see? plz tell me 😭

i already block cp tag that i dont want to see, but i also want to block reverse cp shiper's lofter...they are continuously recommanded my lofter page..why?-_-i dont want to see reverse cp😡

help me 😭😭


someone using my art as an icon

do not use my art without permssion 😡😡😡😡

m :  don't go too far~ i can't swim~

g : how did he get employed?

im fall in love reyes x genji cp

what call it in chinese??QwQ